Automotive Paint Supplies in Port Macquarie


Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our automotive paint supplies and car detailing services in Port Macquarie and surrounding communities.
We have just finished a major overhaul of our plant and equipment, can you help make it look as good as it runs?
Your plant and equipment are the lifeblood of your business, they should be protected from the elements with easy to clean surfaces, their presentability can make the difference between winning or losing a job. Industrial paints and industrial two packs are tougher, harder wearing paint that are designed for this purpose. We supply Nason Industrial Paint products which are made by Axaltra (formerly Dupont). These paints are great value and offer ultra high-performance coatings.
There are a lot of health and safety risks in the painting trade, what do I need and what don’t I need?
What does Custom Colour Aerosol Pressure Packs mean?
I would like a unique look for my cruiser, do you have samples?
I am time short can you deliver my supplies?
Will you have the paint I need in stock?
How do I know what type of paint is on my car?
I would like to apply a rust proofing coat to my car. What can you offer?