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Haps Paint Supplies — Automotive Paint Supplies in Port Macquarie, NSW

Automotive Paint Supplies in Port Macquarie

When it comes to painting a vehicle or industrial machine in Port Macquarie, nothing but the highest quality paints and accessories will do. We are specialists in automotive and industrial paintwork, we use and supply only the best paint products and accessories.

Haps Paint Supplies is the most recognised name in the automotive and industrial painting industry for a reason. We have more than 40 years of experience in assisting Port Macquarie commercial and industrial clients who are looking for the best paint, panel beating and car detailing supplies.

The reliability of our services stems from having qualified automotive spray painters and panel beaters with more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry. When it comes to automotive and industrial jobs, we pride ourselves in delivering top-notch quality and excellent workmanship.

Aside from the supply of automotive paints, Haps Paint Supplies is a leading supplier of paint accessories, automotive tools and equipment. We can also have your car custom painted with our variety of customisable aerosols and colours. At Haps Paint Supplies we provide quality trade and retail services with a smile.

Haps Paint Supplies sells specialised automotive paints, industrial and marine paints, auto body products, custom paint and finish products, rust proofing products, specialised tools and accessories, DIY automotive paints and related products. We also offer colour matching services and a mobile workshop and supplies truck to our clients in and around Port Macquarie.

Our local shop has an extensive range of industrial and automotive paints in Port Macquarie. You will find products from Dupont, Wanda, Protech, Wattle, Upol, Spray Chief, Bostik and HP Body available in our store.

We also sell wood coatings, which are ideal for top finishing kitchen benches. We have fibreglass products that are perfect for boat repairs and maintenance. If there is a specialty product you require for a job, you can trust us to source and order it for you.

For the highest quality industrial and automotive paints in the Port Macquarie region, come in or call Haps Paint Supplies. We offer bulk discounts and carry the best paints and related products on the market.

Industrial paints — Automotive Paint Supplies in Port Macquarie, NSW
Haps Paint Supplies will help you choose the ideal industrial paints for your workshop. When you are working on customer trucks, 4WDs and other commercial vehicles, our Nason industrial paints and related supplies can come in handy. These industrial paints are also suitable for painting sheds or heavy duty machinery.
Automotive Paints — Automotive Paint Supplies in Port Macquarie, NSW
Haps Paint Supplies sells both DIY painting and specialised automotive paints to clients in Port Macquarie and surrounding areas. If you are thinking about painting your vehicle on your own, our acrylic paints will achieve a fantastic result with very minimal effort. Commercial and workshop clients will love our specialised automotive paints, which are suitable for all modern vehicles.
Custom Match Painting— Automotive Paint Supplies in Port Macquarie, NSW
Do you have a hard time finding the ideal paint colour for your vehicle or a customer’s car? It can be a challenge to know the precise shade because they can start to look similar to each other when you narrow down your options. With the help of Haps Paint Supplies, there is no guesswork involved. We use computer software and a vast inventory of paint to custom match the automotive paint that you require for your upcoming job.