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Products & Services

  • Mobile Sales and Supplies Truck

    Mobile Sales and Supplies Truck

    Guy's the Guy Our mobile sales and supplies truck is a workshop on wheels, carrying paints, panel beating and spray…

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  • Paint Colour Matching Services

    Paint Colour Matching Services

    Touch Ups or Small Custom Jobs If you have a scratch on your car and you want to repair this…

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  • KBS Rust Coatings

    KBS Rust Coatings

    Rust Stops Here Haps Paint Supplies stock Australian made KBS Rust Coatings which is a single pack moisture sealing coating…

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  • DNA & Spray Chief Custom Paints

    DNA & Spray Chief Custom Paints

    Custom Finishes Haps Paint Supplies stock both DNA and Spray Chief custom paints for individualised colours and special effects. Candy,…

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  • Industrial Paint Products

    Industrial Paint Products

    Nason Industrial Paints Industrial paints and industrial two packs are tougher, harder wearing paints, they are up to the job…

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  • Panel Beating and Spray Painting Tools and Accessories

    Panel Beating and Spray Painting Tools a

    Tools of the Trade After many years servicing smash repairers, panel beating and spray painting specialists we have compiled an…

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  • DIY Painting & Support

    DIY Painting & Support

    Protec Automotive Paints The perfect paint for DIY is Acrylic because it is safe and very simple to achieve great…

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  • Specialised Automotive Paints

    Specialised Automotive Paints

    Wanda Automotive Paints Haps Paint Supplies are your local Automotive Paint specialists in Port Macquarie. Almost all modern cars today…

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