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Panel Beating and Spray Painting Tools and Accessories

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Tools of the Trade

After many years servicing smash repairers, panel beating and spray painting specialists we have compiled an extensive range of tools and accessories to meet their needs.

With the assistance of our trade qualified staff we can supply you with quality tools and accessories at a competitive price.
Our range consists of:
Professional spray guns, air brush kits, air operated angle cutters, stripe removal kits and associated accessories
Abrasives including quick change sanding & conditioning discs, new generation Revcut sanding discs and Germans high quality Klingspor Zirconia fibre disc for rough grinding & deburring of steel and Stainless.
Specialised panel beating tools – orbital hand sanding blocks, speed file holders, adjustable metal file holders and the essential panel holding stand.
Body fillers and compounds to suit all surfaces, thinners and hardeners, applicators, blades and files, tapes, sealants, masking films and papers, buff and back up pads, car detailing products and much, much more.
Personal Safety gear is paramount in our industry, we can fit you and your workshop out with all the required and specialised safety gear to keep you safe and healthy while practicing your trade or hobby.
• Don’t forget to ask about our bulk buy discounts

Find us at: 13 Jambali Road, Port Macquarie, NSW
Phone : 6581 0365 Fax: 6581 1353
email: info@hapspaint.com.au

NOTE: Personal safety is paramount. When working with any paint products, wear suitable safety goggles, masks, gloves, overalls and footwear

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