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Paint Colour Matching Services

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Touch Ups or Small Custom Jobs

If you have a scratch on your car and you want to repair this with colour matched paint.

Haps Paint Supplies can computer match your paint sample with the different paints we stock and offer this packaged as a ready to apply, convenient colour matched pressure pack or touch up bottle.

When carrying out touch ups or small repairs to paint scuffs or scratches the secret to achieving a great result is in the preparation.

To blend in the new paint with the old, a gentle rub back of the surrounding surface is required along with the application of a suitable primer and a thorough clean between preparation and coats. Then you simply apply your colour matched top coat and a clear coat if required.

Haps Paint Supplies have two qualified tradespeople who have the industry experience and know how to advise you and support you in achieving the best possible result with the products we sell.

Find us at: 13 Jambali Road, Port Macquarie, NSW
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NOTE: Personal safety is paramount. When working with any paint products, wear suitable safety goggles, masks, gloves, overalls and footwear

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