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KBS Rust Coatings

Rust Stops Here

Haps Paint Supplies stock Australian made KBS Rust Coatings which is a single pack moisture sealing coating for the industrial and automotive industries.

This product inhibits rusting on all metal surfaces without the need for a primer or base coat.

Haps Paint Supplies choose KBS Rust Coatings due to the ease of application (self levelling, single pack) and low VOCs which mean lower exposure and greater safety for you our customer.

Haps Paint Supplies have two qualified tradespeople who have the industry experience and know how to advise you and support you in achieving the best possible result with the products we sell.

Find us at: 13 Jambali Road, Port Macquarie, NSW
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email: info@hapspaint.com.au

NOTE: Personal safety is paramount. When working with any paint products, wear suitable safety goggles, masks, gloves, overalls and footwear

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