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Industrial Paint Products

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Nason Industrial Paints

Industrial paints and industrial two packs are tougher, harder wearing paints, they are up to the job and keep your work looking great for longer.

Painting a shed, a truck or any machinery, Haps Paint Supplies have you covered with a huge range of industrial paint supplies.

We choose to supply Nason Industrial Paint products which is made by Axaltra (formerly Dupont) and these paints are both great value and offer ultra high performance coatings.

If protecting your equipment from the elements, easy to clean surfaces and present-ability are important to you.

Haps Paint Supplies have two qualified tradespeople who have the industry experience and know how to advise you and support you in achieving the best possible result with the products we sell.

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NOTE: Personal safety is paramount. When working with any paint products, wear suitable safety goggles, masks, gloves, overalls and footwear

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