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Specialised Automotive Paints

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Wanda Automotive Paints

Haps Paint Supplies are your local Automotive Paint specialists in Port Macquarie.

Almost all modern cars today are painted with clear over base - it’s a single pack paint to colour the metal then a two pack clear to protect the colour and give it a high gloss finish. This approach is easier to apply, offers superior protection and a deeper gloss.

Haps Paint Supplies cater to panel shops, trades specialists and DIY enthusiasts, using both modern and traditional approaches to car painting and specialise in paints from Wanda Automotive Paints.

For modern paint finishes, we choose Wanda Automotive Paints due to their high value and high yield and the fact they are made by Sikkens Automotive Paints - one of the world leaders in premium automotive paints.

Haps Paint Supplies have two qualified tradespeople who have the industry experience and know how to advise you and support you in achieving the best possible result with the products we sell.

We carry a large range of stock to meet your needs.

Find us at: 13 Jambali Road, Port Macquarie, NSW
Phone : 6581 0365 Fax: 6581 1353
email: info@hapspaint.com.au

NOTE: Personal safety is paramount. When working with any paint products, wear suitable safety goggles, masks, gloves, overalls and footwear

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