13 Jambali Road, Port Macquarie NSW    P: (02) 6581 0365    F: (02) 6581 1353

Spray Guns

  • Star Spray Gun
Be a spray painting star with a spray gun by Star's professional range

Achieving a large fan and premium finishing results. The fast application speed and 65% transfer efficiency at 29-35 PSI (2.0 - 2.5 BAR) makes this gun ideal for car refinishing, high class furniture and industrial use.

The right tools make for easy work and a great result. Drop in and check out our complete range of tools and accessories.

Find us at: 13 Jambali Road, Port Macquarie, NSW
Phone : 6581 0365 Fax: 6581 1353
email: info@hapspaint.com.au

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